Wake Up Your Face Oil

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Wake Up Your Face Oil
(Lemongrass Clove and Avocado Face Oil)

So succulent and delicate. Mesmerize your face, bring out your glow and nurture your skin day and night. This is the beautiful face oil you've all been asking for. Virgin Organic Avocado oil is so luxurious and so plump. The lemongrass and clove brighten and blast away blemishes. Enjoy your glow as this oil is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and everything you want in a face oil. I actually use it everywhere. I created it to take with me camping. There was no way I couldn't share it. I'd wake up, baby wipe down and then oil myself, face first. It was a divinely delicious experience and "Wake Up your Face Oil" was named.

2 oz $31.50

Also, lovelies, keep your bottles. These Italian glass pumps are expensive and precious. I offer refills.