Leaf and Spirit Essential Oil and more

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Essential oil
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Essential Oils are to be properly diluted. Mucous membranes to be avoided. Keep out of reach of children and imbeciles. External use only. Some can be used neat (directly upon the skin). Some cannot. Do your research. Enjoy!! These are some of my favorites:

Vetiver: The deepest of baritones. I humbly accept the challenge to fill my mind of the knowledge that there is even deeper. Pray thee tell! Originally of India, I understand that the best grows in Haiti. I've had both, I cannot tell the difference, but, I revel in having veitver from Haiti. There isn't the space here for the legend of vetiver.

Geranium: A flower that harnesses the essence of the ultimate floral, and the ultimate french soap. It has strange properties, like the contraction of muscles, as if it contains electricity and charges you for a bit. Geranium is highly sweet, but tolerable for me. It was recommended to my husband for scalp itch. It absolutely does the job but is so much more. It is beautiful.

Lavender: Lavender is of legend. It is of romance and of dreaming as it lulls you to sleep. It is ultimately feminine, though the metallic smell often reminds me of the male. It's femininity cannot be denied in that it contains hormones that will grow breast on males until they cease its use. I will leave it there. I suppose it should have some sort of disclaimer. Spike lavender of Spain is the best.

Patchouli: Patchouli is the masculine counterpart of lavender, all the same properties, sleep, love, calm, anti-insect. I find it to be highly grounding. It smells of dirt, earth. warm and wet. It isn't for everyone, but will drop the notes significantly. If you need the earth, Patchouli has it.

Cedar: A sharp woodsy note. Blends beautifully with almost anything, depending on your taste of course. Blends well especially with other masculine essential oils. The insects don't like it. Yes, it smells of pencils.

Peppermint: The Pepper in the mint is properly named as it will burn if not diluted. It instantly lifts spirits, invigorates and reminds us that we are indeed alive. Peppermint also mixes well with everything, especially lavender and citrus. I love to use it as a hidden note when not being overtly medicinal. I use it to lift the spirit of a vetiver, or accompany the high of the geranium.

Eucalyptus: The tree of Australia whose leafs harbor sweet tasting aphids and an essential oil revered around the world for opening the respiratory passages. Dilute!

Jasmine: The flower for which i'm named has an impossible sweet. A sweet that is so potent that it's preciousness in priceless. Jasmine oil has the property of easing the expanding woman's belly in pregnancy, allowing for the stretch.

Clove: Clove is an important oil, for not only is its spice sweet, but its oil cannot be tolerated by the lice that like to inhabit the human skin. Clove, as all essential oils, is a gift.

Tea Tree (Ti Tree): Melaluca from Australia, renowned for its anti-fungal properties. It is not a smell that is pleasant, but has the peculiarity to lift the menthols (mint, eucalyptus) that have already been lifted. Do dare.

Orange: A sweet that cannot be denied. It is abundant as we are fond of the orange and its juice. It has the ability to reset the mind. To clear it of its thoughts, peaceful like.