Armpit Detox - natural deodorant

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If you have purchased armpit detox before, you have noticed a change to the formula and application.

NEW Unscented liquid formula
New Roll-On applicator


Epson Salt and Zinc Oxide dissolved in alcohol free Witch Hazel preserved with sorbic acid (form berries), balanced with kaolin clay and enhanced with silk amino proteins and seaweed extract.

SHAKE WELL then Roll-on to armpits

Use as needed.

When I first transitioned to the new formula, I needed to apply the solution 3 times that first day. The next day, I only needed to apply once. Occasionally, I'll need to re-apply mid day.

My armpits are smooth and non offensive. My curiosity about my natural scent and the feel of my armpits has increased. My relationship to my armpits has changed.

It feels so good to not have to wear dangerous deodorant/antiperspirants just for funk freedom. It's incredibly peaceful to simply apply this natural solution to conquer and soothe the odor that can emit from our armpits.