AromaDetox Bath and Smelling Salts

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Just smell to cleanse your nose and upper respiratory system. Let the essential oils awaken you as you gently inhale the invigorating aromas through your nose and or mouth.

Soften and scent your water or foot soak. Salt pulls toxins out through the skin while the essential oils soothe the mind and body. Add 1/2 a cup or less to running bath water. Allow to dissolve, and enjoy.

Others use these decorative Bath Salts as a room freshener, cracking the top just enough to let the aroma out. Inquire about large quantities for decorating, filling vases with one or layered colors. A beautiful addition to any room. With scent or with out.

It must be noted that those with high blood pressure should not soak in a tub of salt. It is the same as consuming it.

Ingredients: compressed salt (sodium chloride), essential oils, food and cosmetic grade coloring.

12 ounces